What to do if your Newborn baby has fever –

A fever in an infant must be taken seriously. In this episode, Dr. Sanjay Wazir, Neonatologist, and Pediatrician from Cloudnine Hospitals, Gurugram is answering all your queries regarding fever in newborn. #FeverInNewborn #FeverInChildren

Newborn babies may have a fever because they are actually sick or they may have a fever because they may have been over-covered. So, the fever
could be because of the baby or it could be environmental. Now, The first thing is to measure
the baby’s temperature and during that process you can use an axillary temperature or a rectal
thermometer. Anyone you use make sure of one point. Do not add plus one or minus 1 as the
common convention in most homes to add to the axillary temperature. So most cases in baby’s are taken based on axillary temperature. So if the axillary temperature is more than 100 degrees.
look at the hands and feet of the baby.

If the hands and feet are warm then most likely you are over covering the baby and then the best thing is
to uncover the baby. But if the baby’s hand and feet are very cold and especially if the baby does not look very good
then in that case probably the baby has a genuine fever.

Once you have the baby fever you have paracetamol drops. The dose of which is based on the weight.

and for that dose, you should consult your pediatrician or maybe have asked him in the previous visit.
But not more than one or 2 doses you should give for fever. and then it is important if the newborn has a fever you go to the doctor to find out the cause of fever because children may have an infection sepsis that may progress rapidly and you may not get enough chance for them to go back and treat adequately. So it’s important that you give only
1 or 2 doses of crocin or paracetamol and then show to your doctor to decide the future course of .

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