Top 5 Coronavirus Pregnancy Tips to Survive Pregnancy During COVID-19

We can’t allow Coronavirus to steal the joy of pregnancy and birthing our sweet babies! Today’s Midwife Monday video offers midwife recommendations for the TOP 5 stressors of the pandemic for pregnant women.
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Pre-blended pregnancy tea:
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Carafe Ideas:
Birthing Ball:
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Water Birth Tub for Birth Center:
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Rocking Chairs:
Nursing Pillow:
Iron Duck Midwife Bag:

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Disclaimer: The information shared in this video is for educational purposes only. The educational content in this video is directed towards HEALTHY, LOW-RISK PREGNANT WOMEN AND THEIR HEALTHY BABY. The information shared is not meant to replace the advice of your doctor or midwife. Medical advice will not be given so please consult with your provider regarding your particular situation.

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