Tips for pregnant women during diwali- Dr

As Diwali is right around the corner, here are some tips for pregnant women during Diwali..
Let’s cover this under three topics. The first one is home decoration, cleaning and social life..
When we talk about cleaning, if you are in advanced stages of pregnancy, your center of gravity would have changed, you would have gained more weight, don’t attempt to climb on the ladder and attempt to clean ceiling fans or lights. Take help in doing such activities..
For flower decoration, you should ensure that you don’t have any allergies or you are not asthmatic or prone to any breathing problems. The hay fever from the flowers or allergens from the flowers can increase your allergies. Take help from someone if you have these problems..
As far as placing diyas or lamps in the house or around the house is concerned, then you should be able to watch where your steps are. If you are in advanced stages of pregnancy, you will not be able to see where you are putting your steps and your clothes can catch fire. This is a general precaution for non-pregnant people also. So, keep a lookout for diyas, you can place them at a higher level where you can see them rather than towards your feet or on the ground..
While socializing, take it easy. You can get tired easily. Nowadays, I am getting lots of women complaining about pains specially in the groin area or the lower pubic area. They themselves say that it was a very hectic day, we were out shopping and we were out socializing. So take rest and be within your limits..
We don’t have any studies in India about the firecrackers or the effect of firecrackers and pollution on pregnant women. Overall, we have an idea that the smoke which is created by the firecrackers if in too much quantity exposed for long times can affect the oxygen supply to the baby leading to pre term delivery,intrauterine growth retardation or so. But for a short duration, playing with firecrackers does not have an impact on your baby. So, you can play with firecrackers in moderation. If you can go for a green Diwali and avoid firecrackers altogether, that would be wonderful.In case you are lighting firecrackers, the ones where you have to light and run away is not recommended for pregnant women. The ones that you can hold in hand like sparklers or anars, phoolchadis can be used. If we have to talk about noise generated from firecrackers, avoid too much. The baby generally starts hearing about twenty four to twenty eight weeks of pregnancy, so before that a baby can hardly hear. Even after that, noise is absorbed by layers of abdomen, uterus and the amniotic fluid in which the baby in which the baby stays. You don’t have to really worry about the noise, but try to avoid full exposure to firecrackers during peak hours.You can be in the house, close the doors and windows and ensure the ventilation in the house is good..
The third aspect is the food that you are going to consume, the mithais and sweets. Indigestion is very common in pregnant women, so be very careful that you don’t land up eating too much so that you have a upset tummy. Eating out is OK, ensure that you eat from a hygienic place and don’t take up infections. If you are a diabetic, be very careful. Your sugar levels can shoot up, discuss with your doctor what you can have and in what quantities and also how you monitor your blood sugar..
Have a safe and happy Diwali!.

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