Tips for parents during lockdown by Dr

Dr. Raajeshwari Ganesh gives helpful tips for parents during lockdown.

Dr Rajeshwari Ganesh is a developmental pediatrician has more than a decade of experience in assessing and formulating intervention programs of children with learning disorders. She is a specialist in dealing with Autism, Learning Disabilities, Behavioural Problems in Children, Attention Deficit Disorders Diagnosis and Treatment, Cerebral Palsy, diagnosis of milestone delay (developmental delay) & assessment of high risk neonates.

After her postgraduate training in Pediatrics, she worked at Ummeed Child Development center. She subsequently was awarded the Rotarian Ambassadorial Scholarship to train abroad in the field of Developmental Paediatrics. She worked in the Port Royale Hospital Paris, France with Dr Amiel Tison, who has done pioneering work in the field of neurodevelopmental assessments in infants. She was a fellow in the National University Hospital Singapore in the developmental Paediatrics Unit with Dr Rosebeth Marcou.

About me :

I am a Holistic Occupational therapist and founder of Khushi therapy center based in Mumbai- India.

I believe that the mind and body are connected and see challenges from a whole-person perspective. I combine complementary therapies and integral health techniques in my practice of Occupational therapy to help my clients at a deeper level.

I believe balance is an integral part of wellness and that alignment of body mind and spirit is the key to helping ourselves and our kids.

I work with neurodiverse kids and their families for the last 19 years.

My strength lies in blending my role as a parent and a therapist to offer the best practical strategies to support families who come to me.
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