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I sit down with Destiny Bennett, an author, speaker, parenting coach, educator, and wife & mother to three boys. Her life’s work and purpose revolves around her journey through and connection to motherhood and relationships and she’s passionate about helping others restore their marriages and foster authentic connection with their children.

Both your relationship with your partner and your relationship with your children are intertwined, because how we model our relationship with our partner teaches our children how to be in relation with others. Respecting one another extends not only to your partner but your kids as well. This conversation is packed with practical tips and life experiences to implement in your own life.

In this episode we cover
– The connection between a strong marriage relationship and a strong bond with your children
– Destiny’s relationship journey with her partner
– Marriage secrets that helped them restore their relationship that once was suffering greatly
– Key principles in fostering an intentional love filled marriage
– How to make time for intimacy when life is so busy
– Healthy communication tips when navigating disagreements with your partner
– How porn was destroying their marriage
– Changing toxic generational patterns in parenting
– Respecting your child’s individuality
– Fostering authentic connection over punishment
– Apologizing to our children: In order to raise children who are accountable for themselves, we must be accountable for ourselves
– Appropriately respond to our children when they are struggling with big feelings and learning to regulate their emotions
– and more


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