The BEST Newborn Sleep Tip

Newborn Sleep Tip: Quiet sleep vs Active Sleep

I have the one and only @takingcarababies to thank for this tip! I always understood to wait a minute or two before rushing to the baby when they fuss a little, but I never knew a baby fussing in their sleep could be so noisy and ACTIVE!

My babies are LOUD active sleepers. They move A LOT and make lots of little noises. When I would hear them do this I assumed they were up, uncomfortable, frustrated, mad, and wanted to be picked up. I never realized they were still asleep and picking them up was actually waking them!

Now, I am guilty of rushing to my babies the second they fuss. I always figured it was easier to get them back to sleep if I soothed them quickly rather than wait till they got all worked up. It didn’t occur to me that they were still asleep during that fussing. Just wished I knew this with my other three kids!

Again, never realized how loud active sleep can be sometimes! Is this something you knew? Are you quick to pick up your babies like me?

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