Supernanny Jo Frost’s Parenting Tips

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Jo uses a blend of compassion, understanding and discipline to help families deal with extreme difficulties. Jo is one amazing supernanny and we are all in! Check out Supernanny every Wednesday at 10/9c on Lifetime.

In this interview, Jo Frost reveals that bedtime routines are important for children and parents to connect. In addition, children feel a sense of safety and security when bedtime is predictable.

When it comes to screen time, Supernanny Jo Frost suggests playing with children. One-on-one time with kids is an important time to connect. Not only that, children often need to learn how to play. So, turn off the screens, act silly, get on the floor or dance around the kitchen. Your kids will love it.

What’s Jo Frost’s favorite baby products? Jo has one she feels is the most valuable: the baby monitor. However, Jo suggestions turning off the monitor and only listening for your baby’s cries. By listening, we become more in tune with the wants and needs of our kids.

Check out the rest of Jo Frost’s interview and learn about the one piece of advice she has for parents struggling with self doubt.

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