Sports Confidence and Parenting Advice: Youth Sports Psychology Tip

Improve sports confidence for young athletes with Dr. Patrick Cohn. He answers your sports psychology and mental training questions. Here’s the question Dr. Patrick Cohn answers in this video: How can you help your young athletes have confidence in sports? To help your sports kids, identify unrealistic beliefs that are harming their confidence. In this particular example, there could be many things going through the child’s mind. Do your kids think that they have to be the star?

Often when a child has athletic gifts that are praised by their parents, they build up the unrealistic belief that they should perform better than less athletic kids. Let them know that you do not expect them to be the best; you simply expect them to try hard and have fun. Dr. Patrick Cohn is a Mental Game Coach to amateur to professional sports at Peak Performance Sports, LLC. #sportsconfidence #athleteconfidence

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