Prepper Baby Series: Nutrition


Prepper Baby Series: Nutrition
Prepper Baby Series: Nutrition

Feeding a baby:
• Breast Milk
1. Mother
2. Surrogate

• Formula
1. Powder
2. Liquid
3. Organic vs Commercial

• Mother Milk Alternatives
1. Goat
2. Cow
3. Sheep
4. Liver

Our Plan:
1) 2 Months’ worth of formula
2) Supplements for mom (Prenatal)
3) Infant Supplements (DHA, Folic Acid etc.)
4) Beast Pump and supplies
5) Animal milking station and supplies


Goat Milk FAQs

Mom and Baby Nutrition:

Goat Milk Baby Formula Recipes:

Goat Milk Benefits

Cow and Live Baby Formula Recipes:

Recipes for Whole Foods Baby Formula

Sheep Milk Baby Formula Recipes:

Benefits of Sheep Milk Compared with Other Types of Dairy

Mother support groups

Breastfeeding Moms Group

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