Premature baby – Nutrition and feeding

Breast milk is a vital source of nutrition and immune protection for newborn babies, especially for preterm babies. Preterm babies are born before 37 weeks of pregnancy, and their immature digestive and immune systems can benefit greatly from the unique composition of breast milk.

Preterm baby breastfeeding can be challenging due to their immature sucking reflexes and other medical conditions. However, it is important to establish breastfeeding as early as possible, even if it is through pumping breast milk and feeding it to the baby. Breast milk is easier to digest than formula, and it contains the necessary nutrients and antibodies to help protect preterm babies from infections and other health problems.

The causes of preterm baby birth are varied and can include maternal health conditions, infections, multiples, and other factors. It is important for healthcare professionals to work closely with the mother to identify and address any potential risk factors to help prevent premature birth whenever possible. To know more about breast milk and preterm babies, watch the above video.

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