PCOS/PCOD Infertility Treatment | Irregular Period Pregnancy Tips

PCOS is hormones disease in which PCOS patient face female hormones unbalance. They faced multiple visible symptoms but the most dangerous symptom is the infertility of female.
Many young female asked us how a PCOS patient can get pregnant. What are common symptoms of PCOS/PCOD, some even confuse PCOS and PCOD but in real PCOS and PCOD both are same.
Dr Naila expert female gynecologist made a detailed video on infertility due to PCOS/PCOD.

Common symptoms for PCOS are weight gain, facial hair, unbalance of hormones, no period or less period, irregular period, female egg problems, infection, no ovulation in PCOS etc.
In this video you will find the treatment plan/guide for PCOS Patient to treat PCOS and infertility
PCOS are treatable it can take 6 months to 1 year to treat PCOS/PCOD infertility with medication, proper diet plan, lifestyle advancement, consultation and mental strength.

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