Parenting Tips From Around The World

You may think you’ve found the best method to raise your child in the modern American way, but if you read parenting tips from around the world, you will find all kinds of different advice that might be helpful in your childrearing.

For example, parents in many countries will introduce their kids to all kinds of different foods at a young age, instead of giving them food designated for young children. Others would never speak to their baby in the cutesy voice that so many Americans seem to use. Let’s take a look at a few parenting tips from around the world.

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Sharing the same meal | 0:00
Potty training early | 1:08
Ditching the baby talk | 1:47
Teaching them independence | 2:08
Letting them cry | 2:41
Giving them chores | 2:59
Getting some fresh air | 3:24
Cuddling up | 3:49
Avoiding eye contact | 4:06
Bedtime anytime | 4:28
Global inspiration | 4:53

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