Parenting Advice You Always Hear From Non Parents

No parent wants to hear advice they didn’t ask for, but it’s even worse if the advice is coming from someone who doesn’t even have kids themselves. However, non-parents are usually the people who feel the need to give advice, because fellow parents will simply sympathize and not try to butt in with tips that their friends have already heard.

Parenting might seem easy when you’re observing others do it, but once you have kids yourself, you’ll regret all the times you criticized parents in public. Let’s take a look at some of the worst parenting advice you always hear from non-parents.

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“You should be more strict” | 0:00
“You should feed them differently” | 0:36
“You should breastfeed” | 1:23
“You shouldn’t let them cry” | 1:58
“You’re too attentive” | 2:31
“Don’t let them get away with that” | 2:55
“They shouldn’t watch TV” | 3:21
“They shouldn’t have a cell phone” | 3:37
“I don’t believe in punishing” | 4:00

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