Parenting Advice from Katie Joy

Please do not send any hate directly to KJ. Let’s just laugh at her ridiculous antics.

I normally don’t like to make fun of other people but in my opinion, this woman is mean, has exploited victims for her own financial and personal gain, she repeatedly mocks women on how they look or do their makeup, and has been sued multiple times for defamation.

A lot of the clips in my KJ videos have come from Penelope Harris and Llama Girl on Twitter. Thank you both for your hard work!

Penelope Harris:

Llama Girl:
• If you’d like to buy her a coffee, you can here:

I try my best to give credit to other clips I use that I have not taken directly from KJ’s YouTube or Instagram. I try to avoid directly watching her platforms as much as I can.

My favorite people who cover WOACB’s antics:
Charlotte on the Web
All Things Sassy
Recaps with Bobby
Cactus Bill
EKC People Suck
AMarie K
Country Girl, Brenda
Southern Mutton
Ballz_2.0 on Instagram

Thank you so much for watching!

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