Parenteral nutrition and other feeding support for babies in the

Premature babies and babies with breathing or digestive problems might need helping with their feeding. This video shows parenteral nutrition, nasogastric tube feeding and the importance of breast milk for babies in the neonatal unit.
Lucy, a premature baby, is given milk through her nasogastric tube by her dad. Francesca’s mum and dad talk about how she was born premature, the worries they had and how well she is doing now. Babies in the neonatal unit receive feeding support from a team of consultants, nurses, pharmacists and breastfeeding support.

The What? Why? Children in Hospital charity makes videos about hospital tests and treatments to help parents and children prepare for hospital and show them what will happen.
The charity now has 61 videos about hospital on topics such as nasogastric tube feeding, gastrostomy tube feeding, ECG, Echo, EEG, Ultrasound, Xray, allergy test, breathing tests, general anaesthetics, exercise tolerance test, hearing tests, getting a cannula and physiotherapy for children with Juvenile Arthritis and children with Cerebral Palsy.
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