Optimal Infant & Childhood Nutrition

Hosted by Alexandra Hurtado BA, CNP, NDT

Childhood is a time of growth. Certain nutrients are essential to ensure the health, development and happiness of a child so they can live to their full potential. Not only will poor nutrition cause bad eating habits later in life, but it could also factor in health conditions such as obesity, diabetes or fatty liver.

Babies are not born with a fully developed (sealed) intestine or mature immune system, so it is important that we make wise nutritional choices for our infant. In this public talk learn the physical development stages of a baby including their microbiome at birth, when their enzymes form and can begin to digest certain foods, how to avoid the development of food sensitivities and food allergies and food introduction schedules. Learn the ins and outs of breast milk verses conventional, natural product and homemade formulas. Understand the holistic perspective and guidelines of nutritional requirements for infant and children’s nutrition.

The material shared by Alexandra Hurtado, BA, CNP, ND, in this Open House lecture, is part of the Nutrition Through the Lifespan course at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition (IHN). Nutrition Through the Lifespan and 18 other courses, make up the full curriculum required to obtain a Diploma in Applied Holistic Nutrition and earn the exclusive designation of Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP). IHN has four campuses across Canada located in Toronto, Mississauga, Vancouver and Ottawa.

IHN’s Nutrition Through the Life Span course description: Nutrient needs and nutritional status are explored using a life span model. Areas of emphasis include growth and development, high risk pediatric groups, infant childhood allergies and diseases. Women’s health concerns and the nutrition challenges faced by our aging society will also be examined.

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