Nutrition Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

Nutrition is an important component of fetal development. It is very necessary to provide nutritional counseling for a pregnant woman. A woman’s nutritional status not only affects her health but also the health of her growing fetus. Readymade diet plans are easily available online but it will not fulfill your requirements unless and until the diet plan is prepared for you particularly by considering your requirements, availability of food, access to food, socioeconomic status, cultural food believes, and body mass index. Nutritional counseling will vary as per the medical history and current health status. Nutritional requirements and management are different for a complicated pregnancy. The lifestyle practices of pregnant woman have a great impact on her and fetal health for the long term. It is highly recommended to adopt healthy living habits before and during pregnancy like moderate exercise and eating nutritious food. A healthy pregnant woman will give birth to a healthy baby. The nutritional requirement and weight gain pattern explained in this video are for single fetus pregnancy. Nutritional requirements for a twin’s pregnancy are different. In this video, all pregnancy-related health problems and their dietary solutions are given. Nutritional requirements, weight gain patterns, and nutritional guidelines are explained in this video. Following these nutritional guidelines will definitely help to make your 9-month journey happy and healthy. All the information provided in this video is based on scientific literature. For personalized diet plans and nutritional counseling please write to me at

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