Mental Health in Pregnancy | 5 Top Tips

In this video, Clinical Psychologist Dr Rebekah Shallcross, shares her 5 Top Tips for mental health in pregnancy.

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Rebekah also leads the ‘Mental Health in Pregnancy’ video workshop in our NEW online course, The Pregnancy Pack.

The topics covered are:
• What is mental health
• What causes mental health difficulties in pregnancy?
• Antenatal depression and anxiety
• The “baby blues” vs postnatal depression (planning ahead)
• Society, culture and mental health in pregnancy (body image, gender roles, expectations and identity challenges)
• Creating your pregnancy wellness plan
• A guide to your self-soothing system (breath work, mindfulness and grounding techniques)
• Self-compassion and self-acceptance
• Self-care
• Boundaries
• Setting up your support network

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