Kegels in Pregnancy

Kegels have long been the most prescribed exercise for the pelvic floor and women often hear about them for the first time when they are pregnant.

There are many reasons why kegels are good but they need to be done correctly and consistently and coordinated with movement.

In pregnancy there are some other things to know – the above applies but in the later weeks kegels need to be done a bit differently. There needs to be an emphasis on the relaxation phase of the kegel.

It is imperative that women learn how to do kegels but also how to release tension in the pelvic floor and learn how to surrender.

The pelvic floor needs to have tone and be strong but also supple. A strong supple pelvic floor will be more likely to respond appropriately in birth and will also be quicker to recover postpartum.

Kegels in pregnancy – yes but with a modification in the final weeks. Then right back to regular kegels asap postpartum!

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