[JNL]Maternal and Child Nutrition and SHOKUIKU in Japan ~ for

Maternal and Child Nutrition and SHOKUIKU in Japan ~ for health and well-being of children ~

This video introduces the efforts of maternal and child nutrition (MCHN) and food and dietary education (SHOKUIKU) that foster Japanese health consciousness and eating habits, focusing on the contents being carried out for pregnancy, childbirth, infants and school children.
In Japan, nutrition intervention and SHOKUIKU are conducted for each respective purpose in such areas as maternal health checkups, infant health checkups, school lunch program, and general health checkups. In particular, by concentrating nutrition intervention and SHOKUIKU in the early stages of life (pregnancy, infancy, preschool and primary education periods), health literacy and healthy diet habit are fostered in Japanese children. These efforts are implemented through close cooperation among multiple professions based on relevant laws and policies. To achieve SDG Goal 2, to eliminate all forms of malnutrition, and to prevent diet-related noncommunicable diseases, nutrition intervention in early stage of life is important. This video provides charatteristics and key points of maternal and child nutrition and SHOKUIKU through life cycle of our Japanese people in 30 minutes.

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00:00 1.Introduction
02:07 2.Maternal and child health handbook
03:13 3.Prenatal checkups
05:24 4. Community invention for infant and maternal health
06:51 5. Infant health checkups
09:58 6.Complementary feeding
13:05 7.SHOKUIKU in early childhood
15:12 8.School lunch program and SHOKUIKU
19:58 9.Human resources for nutriton
21:14 10.Policies underpinning maternal and child nutrition improvement and health promotion
22:57 11.JICA’s Cooperation for Maternal and Child Nutrition
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