Infant Orangutan Budi in Baby School (2015)

What are YOU looking at?

You’re looking at Budi in Baby School back in November 2015! Can you believe that was almost eight years ago?! Thanks to expert rehabilitation and nutrition provided by our amazing partners, YIARI, Budi made incredible progress until he eventually returned back to the wild, right where he belongs!

Ensuring that orphaned orangutans have adequate nutrition is very important. In the wild, their mothers would provide their babies with everything they need to grow big and strong, for up to seven years! Since rescued orangutans like Budi were separated from their mothers, YIARI have to step in and provide the love and care they desperately need.

We’ve been speaking a lot about Budi this week, and if you’ve somehow managed to stay out of the loop, you’ll be pleased to know that BUDI HAS BEEN RELEASED! Go and check it out on our channel! It was made possible thanks to the efforts of the BKSDA, TNBBBR and YIARI!

View original video here.