How to swaddle

You can start swaddling when your baby is newborn or soon after, but always remember as soon as they learn to roll you must transition away and stop swaddling.

Lay your chosen swaddling blanket onto a flat surface, arrange it in a diamond shape and then pull the top corner down towards the centre.

Place your baby gently onto the blanket and make sure their neck is above the fold line.

Position your baby’s arm at the side and move the other one slightly away, and then fold over the swaddling blanket and tuck it neatly behind your baby.

Position the other arm back alongside the baby, and then bring the bottom of the swaddling blanket up over the shoulder, and behind your baby.

The final step is to pull across the last section of the blanket so it’s nice and snug and tuck it securely behind your baby.

There are many other ways to swaddle, this is just one.

Always place a swaddled baby to sleep on their back.
Never swaddle too tightly as this could cause hip dysplasia
Always observe swaddle safety. See NHS for more details.

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