How to Introduce Dogs to Newborn Baby

Introducing your dog or puppy to a new born baby is probably a big concern to you. It should be. Way too many people make many common mistakes and that puts both the dog and baby at risk. Dogs play very differently than humans and their style of play can be VERY dangerous to babies and small children. Your dog plays, engages and communicates with his or her teeth and that can be very dangerous to young children.

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I’ve talked about this for years, but only recently had to opportunity to make this video since my friends Yossi and Vera just had a beautiful baby boy. In this short video I give you 9 tips to safely introducing your dog / puppy to your new baby. I seriously hope that everyone with a child will watch this, share it and learn from it. I’ve heard and seen too many bad stories in which children were hurt or disfigured and inevitably the dog will pay the ultimate price. It doesn’t have to be like this. Dogs can live with children, toddlers and babies very well. They rely on the structure from you, the humans, to make that happen. In this short video I’ll give you a lot of information to help you how to keep your dog and children safe.

Watch this video and share it with everyone, hopefully before they ever need the info.

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