How To Discipline Your Child?

Video Tips on How To Discipline Your Child? – Parenting Tips By Dr. Shelja Sen .When it comes to discipline a child, the kids often try to test the parent’s limit and when it comes to disciplining your child there is no quick solution or some magic pill. Disciplining a child is never easy.

It’s easier to give your child lots of love and affection, because after all, you love your child. But if you want your child to know right from wrong and to grow up with self-control and good manners, you’ll have to learn how to discipline the child the right way!

In this episode of MOMSPRESSO, Dr. Shelja Sen, Child Psychologist and Author of All You Need Is Love: The Art Of Mindful Parenting, shares some techniques on ‘How to Discipline Your Child?’ While her tips are the go-to guide for all parents, she stresses on the fact that bringing discipline or maintaining it is not a one-time affair and you need to constantly be at it to make the results happen for both and your little one.

Transcript :-
First thing I would like to highlight, when we talk about discipline is that discipline on its own does not work and I believe the most important aspect of parenting is a connect with the child. if
your connect your bond or your relationship with your child is strong. Many times issues of discipline do not come up. So first step I believe in discipline is it could be for a toddler. It could be for a preteen. It could be a teenager. It is for parents to check on what is my relationship with my child. is you know like I talked about emotional bank account you know what is a emotional bank account with your child. are you making enough deposits deposits could be spending time with them playing with them listening to them have you fun with them are there too many withdrawals that I’m being very critical I am criticizing them comparing them you know
shouting at them nagging them because discipline is not going to work if you don’t have a strong connect with your child if the emotional in the emotional bank accounts the deposits are less and withdrawals are more then you start disciplining the child is going to rebel immediately because it’s like if I’m being critical I immediately hook on to the rebellious child you know rebelliousness in the child so it’s very important for me to be very much aware of what is my relationship like so before I talk about discipline I always like to highlight that I think the next step I would like to talk about is that when you talk about discipline is having a clarity of
rules you know the clarity of rules that what is okay and what is not okay in our house what is fine and what is not something that we will accept at all what is negotiable what is non-negotiable so the clear rules in the house could be that we will not abuse we will not hit that way very clear rules or maybe that at this time of the night all screens are switched off or Wi-Fi
switched off so depending on the age of the child there could be clear rules which are
used for everybody in the family so that’s the second very important point third point that I could like to bring in is what I use a metaphor areas of traffic lights discipline we we need
to see discipline as traffic lights green is when the child is doing something you’re perfectly okay with you know depending on the age of the child and you say it’s alright yellow is when you feel and you’re not okay with it but a child needs a warning needs a little help needs a little support from you to kind of help the child discipline suppose a child is struggling going off to sleep
at night and that’s a genuine problem the child has suppose you make a rule that every day 7:30 is bedtime or 8:30 is a bedtime and the child is really struggling with sleep the child has a genuine problem for you to really hold on to that rule will not make a
difference you understand the child has a problem way to sleep…….

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