How to correctly burp a baby (asleep and awake) &

Burping a baby is not a simple task, however, it is a MANDATORY task if you want to prevent that the gas makes its way into the digestive tract of your baby! Because once it is trapped in the baby’s stomach or intestines, gas almost always causes pressure and pain.
So, in this video, Nathalie Kaufmann, Pregnancy & Birth Consultant and TCM Therapist, and Mathias Ritter, Researcher and Science Geek, explain the 3 most effective burping techniques to help you burp either a baby who is awake or a sleeping baby. Knowing these 3 baby burping techniques can be very helpful because not every baby can be burped in the same position. In fact, some babies are just very difficult to burp which is why it can pay off to try different burping positions.
Nevertheless, despite these strategies, babies do not always burp. And if the baby’s gas cannot be released as a burp, it will make its way into the baby’s digestive system. Because of that, Nathalie and Mathias also explain the most effective method to release trapped gas and most importantly, how to get rid of that baby gas fast!


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