Home Remedy I Tips for Parents of children with Autism

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The first remedy starts at home…

Some important home remedy parents can do at home…
– Spend Quality Time and make it experiential for child
– Play with your child in different environment and objects for exposure
– Child active participation in activities of daily living
– Sensory break at regular intervals
– Labeling of objects around and in environment

Important tips for parenting a child with autism.
– Be consistent with your child – Constantly practice at home the same exercises or things he/she has learned during therapy or a counselling session.
– Have a pre-planned schedule for your child and work according to that – Autistic children perform way better when they are in a constant highly-structured routine.
– Appreciate your child when he/she performs well with an exercise. Positive reinforcement is a long way forward with these children.
– Keep a safety zone in the house for your child to relax.
– Look out for non-verbal cues and get better with them.
– If your child throws a tantrum, try to patiently understand the reason for it. – Many times, children with ASD are hypersensitive to light, sound, touch, taste and smell, while some are “under-sensitive” to sensory stimuli.
– It is also very important to be observant of your child’s behavior, the triggers that affect them adversely, the things that they would enjoy, their strengths, weaknesses, etc.
– As a parent, you must also know the best form of learning for your child.
– Most importantly, always research well and get an efficient therapist for your child. Do not delay in starting the necessary treatment.
– Be it therapists or educationists, parents should honestly share their observations with them so that the professionals can accordingly tailor the program for the child.
– Always read, reach out to experts and educate yourself about autism.
– Go for counselling sessions together.
– Always be supportive and involved.
– It is very crucial and significant for parents and professionals to work in collaboration for the benefit of the child. This ensures that the child gets faster and better results.

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