Healthy Tiffin for Kids | Child Nutrition

Every mother plays the role of a nutritionist to look after the health of her family and especially her growing children.

The nutrition that we provide our children with now plays a significant role in deciding their overall health for the rest of their lives and so it is extremely imperative to pay attention to what we are feeding our kids. Food habits formed in their formative years go a long way in laying the foundation of healthy eating habits as they grow into adults.

Healthy snacks and meals are important for children as their nutritional needs differ from adults. Eating healthy foods help children concentrate better in school, improves their immunity, keeps them active and improves their overall health and growth. There are limited times for children to eat during the day, especially at school. A healthy tiffin meal ensures your child gets adequate nutrition.

Here are some proven tips from me on how to pack a healthy tiffin for your kids.

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