Everything You Need to Know About Nutrition During Pregnancy

Are you facing nutrition issues during pregnancy? Balance diet plays a vital role during this period. Watch out this video to know about nutrition during pregnancy.

Ali Graboski is a pregnancy advisor at Consumer Health Digest. She offers pregnancy tips and advice. According to Ali, during pregnancy, you need to change your nutrition, adapting it to your needs and the ones of the baby.

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Note: This video is a part of a joint collaboration between Ali Graboski and Consumer Health Digest.

Video Transcript:-

Hello Ladies,

My name is Ali Graboski, and today I’m going to talk about nutrition and pregnancy. There is a lot of information out there, and I just want to get some of the facts straight.

Pregnancy brings some changes, including whereas your nutritional needs are concerned. Here is what you need to know:
1 – More calories – from the moment you become pregnant, you are eating for two.
2 – Folic acid – the growing baby requires folic acid to develop (source: leafy greens).
3 – Avoid empty calories – these are just as harmful to the baby as they are for you (no soda, refined sugar, etc.).
4 – Calcium – the baby needs it to develop strong bones; recommended sources: cereal, milk, cheese, salmon, and spinach.
5 – Eat more red meat – this ensures that you are satisfying your daily protein intake and also keep anemia away (common risk of pregnancy).

During pregnancy, you need to change your nutrition, adapting it to your needs and the ones of the baby. Keep in mind that you also need to increase your water intake. If you want more information on nutritional changes that occur during pregnancy, visit ConsumerHealthDigest.com.


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