Dont dump your ANGER at KIDS I Best Parenting Tips

Dont dump your ANGER at KIDS I Best Parenting Tips Malayalam I Happy Family Dr. Abdussalam Omar I
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About The Speaker:

Dr. Omar is one of the most sought-after and admired Coach, Counsellor, Speaker and Trainer in the Middle East and India. He is famous for his award winning life transformation program DEEP IMMERSION™, the most innovative life transformation program in India 2020 (CEOInsights). He is adored for his inspiring and humorous story telling based Coaching and trainings enriched with his professional and personal life experiences. His social media videos are watches by millions.

His life transformational coaching programs, family counselling, personal counselling, and business coaching are highly popular and effective. He empowered 2250+ clients to lead a purposeful, happy, peaceful, and aspiring life as a personal coach/mentor/counselor in last 11 years.

He passionately serves professional, educational and corporate sector in the Middle East and India as a coach, trainer and vibrant public speaker, addressing 40-50K audience annually through 120-150 training sessions with a mission of socio-educational & economic empowerment of downtrodden sections of the society.

Dr. Omar is an International Coach Federation USA Accredited ‘Certified Leadership and Executive Coach’ and American Board of NLP Accredited NLP Master Practitioner and an NLP Trainer from IACCPT and NLP Coaching Academy. He is also a Licensed Emotional Intelligence Coach.

He is the Managing Director of Human Excellence Academy for HRD, Coaching and Counselling.

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