Can I Trust My Doctor’s Nutrition Advice? Video

Low fat, low carb, Low fat, low carb, low protein, low calorie…Low SUCCESS!

Fad diets, everyone has tried then, but are you still on that plan? Despite so many options 4-5 out of every 10 Americans are obese and the numbers keep climbing. Not to mention the overwhelming number of conditions that are the result of obesity.
We turn to our doctors and healthcare workers for guidance, but do they know the answers? Our podcast this week jumps into the impact of obesity on your healthcare workers and the flaws in our medical education system that have helped fuel the fire. Fret not, team Maximal Being offers solutions to this growing problem.

Doc Mok an advanced GI doctor specializing in nutrition, guthealth and cancer and RN Graham an ICU nurse and Physique Competitor smash the broscience by determining if you can trust your doctor’s nutrition advice?
Their guest is Sherif Ultrafit, a certified, Master personal trainer practicing in Florida who has experience in training clients in everything from golf to MMA.

Our listener mail
Lindsey asks about the future of gyms in America
Greg asks about the interaction between intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet

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