BEGINNING of NICU: Learn & Understand NICU/Premature Baby nutrition and

If you want to learn all about premature baby nutrition, feeding and feeding tubes, you have come to the right place.

In this video, I will explain what feeding looks like in the NICU at the beginning of your NICU journey. I will cover what it looks like feeding a premature baby and a full term baby in the Neonatal Intensive care unit.

I will explain what feeding tubes are- OG vs NG, why we use them, and the different milk and nutrition types we offer in the NICU for preemie and full term baby’s nutrition. I will also explain what donor milk is in the NICU and best tips for feeding and baby care for your baby.

00:00 Intro on Feeding and premature baby nutrition
00:39 Why feeding tube is needed for NICU babies
01:14 Type & sizes of feeding tubes
03:01 How to insert feeding tube- Orogastric (OG) & Nasogastric (NG)
04:17 What feeding looks like for premature and full term NICU babies
06:31 What is donor milk & who can donate
07:27 Benefits of donor milk
08:53 Milk options for NICU babies born after 34 wks
09:37 Grab free cheat sheet of common NICU medical terms[BELOW]

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Hi, My name is Iman and I’m a NICU nurse who had her own premature baby. I had a crazy high risk pregnancy and was hospitalized. I learned so much being on both sides. Therefore, I decided to teach other parents on how to care for themselves in high risk pregnancy and how to care for their preemie baby. Come join my little community!

DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational purposes only.The information shared should never replace the advice of your doctor. Always seek advice from a doctor regarding anything mentioned in this video. Even though I am a NICU nurse, I’m not your baby’s nurse and I don’t know your specific situation. So please talk with your doctor about any questions you might have concerning your pregnancy and/or your baby’s status


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