Bedside crib and Next2me crib safety

Let’s talk bedside crib safety. Now the most important thing that you need to check when you are buying a bedside crib is that it conforms to the latest safety standard which is BS EN 1130:2019.

On of the major stipulations of this standard is that the inside wall of the bedside crib must have a minimum height of 12cm when in bedside mode.

Make sure you read the instruction manual when you are assembling your bedside crib, and if you want to use it in bedside mode, with the side down – you must secure it with the straps provided to the adult frame of the bed.

It is important when in bedside mode that the internal wall height is no higher than the height of your mattress. A lot of the bedside cribs have ratchets so you can adjust their height to make sure that they are at a safe level.

Now we are going to attach the bedside crib securely to the adult bed frame using the straps.

So now the crib is attached to the bed it’s really important to double check there isn’t a gap between the crib internal wall and the bed mattress because if there is, you’re not going to be able to use the bedside crib in bedside mode.

Don’t be tempted to pad out this gap with duvets, blankets or pillows, because these can pose as suffocation hazards for your little baby.

If you are worried about the duvet moving into the child’s sleep space during the night, we would suggest positioning your duvet further away from the edge where the crib is attached. Now for extra peace of mind you could always try popping the side back up on the crib after every time you’ve attended to your child, and a lot of manufacturers suggest you do this anyway.

Check the tightness of the straps before each use by pulling the crib away from the side of the bed to make sure it’s still secure.

It’s really important to remember that as soon as your child can either sit up, pull themselves up, or raise themselves up to their hands and knees, you must stop using a bedside crib and transition to a cot.

Finally, never use the bedside crib with the side down if it is not securely attached to the bed frame.

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