“Baby on Board: Nutrition for the Broodmare”

Brittany Davis, M.Sc. of Davis Equine Services and our very own Dr. Jodie Santarossa team up to educate us about optimal nutrition guidelines and care for your broodmares. Brittany discusses ideal body condition for conception, pregnancy, and foaling, nutrition (pre-breeding, during all stages of pregnancy, and post foaling), and hones in on the most important minerals to balance for optimal nutrition for mare and foal. Many orthopaedic and neurologic conditions in the foal can be directly linked to nutrition so an ounce of prevention is indeed a pound of cure!

Dr. Santarossa completes the presentation with our recommended guidelines for deworming and vaccination for optimal health and protection at this very important time. She also touches on the importance of dentistry pre breeding to ensure that your mare can not only gain adequate nutrition during her pregnancy, but also how it influences the stomatognathic system and affects her during parturition via the pelvic floor muscles. More on that in a separate webinar ;)

For further information about nutritional consultations with Brittany, consult her website at www.davisequine.ca. She has also listed a number of resources at the end of her presentation.

For reproduction specific questions, please contact our repro department at repro@delaneyvetservices.com

Dr. Santarossa and our rehab team can be reached at rehab@delaneyvetservices.com

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