7 Essential Tips to Make Co-Sleeping Safer

Co-sleeping isn’t recommended, but the reality is most parents will fall asleep with their babies at some stage, whether it’s planned or not. Sometimes it happens because your baby is unwell and you can’t get them to settle any other way, or because you’re simply exhausted and accidentally fall asleep lying next to them, or for countless other reasons.

So even though co-sleeping is never recommended from a safe-sleep perspective, it’s important to know how to make it as safe as possible if and when you do end up bed sharing with your baby.

Co-sleeping can be made safer in several different ways. In this video I’ll walk you through what those are so you can put them into practice whether you co-sleep with your baby regularly or if you happen to bed share occasionally. Safety is important even if you only do it on the odd occasion.

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00:00 – 01:18 – How to set up the co-sleeping environment
01:19 – 02:32 – How to co-sleep as safely as possible
02:33 – 05:15 – Situations when it is never safe to co-sleep with a baby

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