6 Month Pregnancy Baby Growth

Today we are answering a very important question: What happens in 6th month of Pregnancy baby movement? What happens in 6th month of pregnancy baby growth?

In this video, we will talk about the 6th month of pregnancy baby movement – What milestones does your unborn baby cross during this time and also what kind of diet and lifestyle should an expecting mother follow to support the growth of her baby.

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00:53 Growth milestones of fetus
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So, let us move ahead in the video and talk about the growth of the baby.

Fetus growth – 6th month of pregnancy baby movement

The 6th month means that almost half of the pregnancy is over and the major development of your baby has been completed. First of all, let’s learn at what stage the baby is in the 6th month.

Growth milestones – 6th month

In the 6th month, your baby’s height increases continuously and along with it, his weight reaches up to 900 grams.

At this stage, due to the increased strength in the bones and muscles of the baby, he also starts sucking and swallowing. You can even see the baby’s breathing in the scan.

Due to the blood vessels formed under the skin, his skin looks pink and a lot of lanugo hair is present on the skin.

In the 6th month, the baby opens his eyes for the first time and this is a big milestone in his growth.

At this stage, the baby’s sleep cycle is formed inside the womb and he starts sleeping and waking up according to it.

Another major development is that in the 6th month, the baby’s hearing ability is fully developed and now he can hear the sounds of the outside world pretty well. Now you should tell stories and good things to him so that you can form similar values in the baby.

Now, let us talk about the changes that happened to mother.

Expecting Mother – Changes

By the sixth month, the mother often starts having more itching which is due to the hormonal changes. In some rare cases, excessive itching can also be due to a condition associated with the enzyme production of the liver, which is called intrahepatic cholestasis in medical terms. Due to this, you start feeling extremely itchy in the palms and feet and if such symptoms occur, you should consult a doctor.

At this stage, the mother also starts getting stretch marks because the skin gets stretched as the baby bump grows.

Right in the middle of your growing belly, a brown colored pigmented line can occur which is called Linea Nigra.

The baby bump becomes bigger and more visible and its raise reaches up to your navel area. Along with this, you also start feeling more movements of the baby.

As your baby is growing, sometimes you may have trouble breathing. The reason is that the pressure of the growing child starts exerting on the mother’s lungs, due to which there is breathlessness.

Along with this, your existing back pain and pelvic area pain may increase and this is also due to the increased size of the baby and the pressure exerted due to it.

Sometimes the expecting mother’s blood pressure can fluctuate and due to it, problems like dizziness can happen.

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