41 Weeks Pregnant // Pregnancy Tips And Advice When you

41 Weeks Pregnant // Pregnancy Tips And Advice When you are Overdue // Kids OT Help // PREGNANCY NEKOLE EATON INDUCTION AT 41 WEEKS PREGNANT AND PREGNANCY VLOG WITH 3 PREGNANCY TIPS FOR MOMS IN THE THIRD TRIMESTER, OVERDUE, 41 WEEKS, AND WANTING TO INDUCE LABOR. Hello, beauties! In today’s video, we are going over some of my best pregnancy tips and advice I have for you if you are still in your pregnancy journey. Being overdue is not ideal, but learning to appreciate the little things has given peace when it comes to possibly inducing labor. I hope you find these tips helpful! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! Thank you so much!

0:00 Intro
2:00 Pregnancy Tip 1
3:14 Induction
4:50 Pregnancy Tip 2
7:25 Pregnancy Tip 3

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