38 WEEKS PREGNANT: What You NEED To Know For You

38 WEEKS PREGNANT: What You NEED To Know For You & Baby // WHAT TO EXPECT // KIDS OT HELP PREGNANT NEKOLE EATON. INDUCING LABOR, BRAXTON KICKS CONTRACTIONS, PREGNANCY UPDATE, LABOR AND DELIVERY, SIGNS OF LABOR (L&D), BUMPDATE, PREGNANCY TIPS, PERINEAL STRETCHING, PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS! Hello, beautiful mama friends! Thank you for watching today’s video. I will discuss all of the need to know information for a 38 weeks pregnancy update and all my third trimester pregnancy tips! Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos to help make motherhood and parenting a little easier on you.

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0:00 INTRO
1:10 Seeing OBGYN Weekly
1:30 Discussing Possible Induction
3:30 Acupuncture for Labor & Delivery
6:13 Increase of Contractions
6:40 More Discomfort and Back Pain
6:55 Joint Cracking in Stomach
7:55 Perineal Stretching
9:07 Exhaustion

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