Tips for Pregnant Working Women

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By Dr. Anita Jain For more informative video’s download Saheli App: The only Video App dedicated to Pregnant Women. View original video here.

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24 Hours with a newborn baby

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Our baby Joshua is 2 weeks old and this video shows what a typical day is like with him. Watch more adventures with Josh The sort of things that you have to do – take care of baby crying, feed baby, change nappy, and let baby sleep, as well as trying to get some…

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Pregnancy Tips: 3 Body & Nutrition CHANGES IN MY FIRST

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I recently found out that my husband and I are having our first baby and I wanted to share with you new moms or moms to be some of the major changes I have been experiencing both with my body and my nutrition during this first trimester. Having a healthy pregnancy is extremely important to…

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Breast Milk Pumping and Storage Info to new Moms |

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#shorts Hi All! Here’s an answer to all your queries regarding breast milk pumping and its storage. Hope it helps to every new mom out there. #breastmilkpumb #breastmilkstorage #tipsfornewmom #tipsfornnewborncare #newmomtips #aswathysreekanth #lifeunedited Subscribe Us : Follow on Instagram : Digital Partner: Avenir Technology Subscribe Us : Like on Facebook :…

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21 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development

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When you are 21 weeks pregnant, Your baby-to-be continues to get the vast majority of his or her nutrients from the placenta. But this week, baby’s intestines are now developed enough to begin absorbing nutrients from the amniotic fluid he or she now regularly swallows. Pregnant women are at increased risk for urinary tract infections…

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How Nutrition Impacts a Child’s Brain Development

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How does nutrition impact a child’s brain development during their early years? About Jenn Messina Jenn Messina is a Registered Dietitian based in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Jenn is passionate about all aspects of holistic health and practices through the lens of Health at Every Size® and Intuitive Eating. She works with individuals who are ready…

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boy baby symptoms

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