Best Swaddle for Baby Who Hates Swaddles

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We’ll unpack all the signs baby doesn’t want to be swaddled and introduce you to the best swaddle for baby who hates swaddles, right here at Nested Bean. Our weighted baby swaddle is trusted by millions of parents worldwide and we are confident your child will love it too! Source

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How to Put a Baby to Sleep Fast

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Are you struggling with a child who fusses and resists bedtime or nap time? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll walk you through how to put a baby to sleep fast in this guide, sharing some of the most effective techniques we’ve seen parents use Source

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How to Get Baby to Nap Longer: Advice to Extend

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Every parent knows the heart-sinking feeling when you hear your child cry from their crib, startled awake prematurely from their nap. You’re yearning for just a bit more of those precious, quiet moments.  Whether it’s to get more stuff done around the house, take a moment to catch your breath, or to maintain a consiste…

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Fading Sleep Training Method

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Thinking of adopting the fading sleep training method? Here's an expert 3 step guide to implement the fading sleep method to encourage babies sleep through the night. Source

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Top 5 Things I Wish I Put on My Baby

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When you're running around with the gift registry scanner in hand, you suddenly find a thousand things you didn't even realize you needed or existed! Suddenly, all the gizmos and gadgets start calling your name. But, what items do you really need? Source

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