Must Have Items You Should Have in Your Hospital Bag Before Baby Arrives

Must-Have Items You Should Have in Your Hospital Bag Before Baby Arrives


Must-Have Items You Should Have in Your Hospital Bag Before Baby Arrives – Preparing your hospital bag for when the baby arrives is one of those things you shouldn’t leave for last. In fact, it’s better to be overly prepared than not, just because you don’t want to be stressing about what you forgot to pack at a time when you should be enjoying preparing for your new arrival. That said, here are some suggestions from BabySetGo on must-have items you should pack in your hospital bag well before your due date.  


Necessary Documentation 


Having the necessary documentation on hand is always a good idea because these usually need to be checked and confirmed before you can even enter the hospital premises. This includes your health plan insurance card, hospital admissions papers (you may have to be pre-admitted), pregnancy medical file (including prescription info), and contact information of your health care provider. 


Your Mobile Device and Charger 


This is pretty obvious, but it can be easy to assume to have your mobile and charger with you when you haven’t. Therefore, be sure to double-check that your mobile is indeed packed (not forgetting the all-important charger) as you want to be able to stay in touch with family and friends at every stage of the delivery process.  


Magazines, Music, and Movies 


Waiting for the delivery process to be over can be quite a nerve-wracking time, especially because you can never be too sure that your birthing plan will go according to schedule. Therefore, bring along a few of your own magazines, a book, and downloaded music and movies with you to help while away the time. These favorite items could also be an excellent distraction as the time draws near, and your anxiety levels start to heighten.  


Speaking of music and movies, a tablet could be a better alternative than a mobile. So, if you don’t have one now might be the perfect time to invest in one because the screen is bigger and more suitable if you want to watch a movie or catch up on your favorite series while you wait. Plus, you can use them for easy browsing or to catch up on a few urgent emails, and they don’t cost an arm and a leg either.  


An Extra Pillow 


There’s nothing quite like your personal pillow to make your hospital stay more comfortable. In fact, don’t forget to pack an extra one for your partner too if they plan on staying by your side every second of every moment for moral support. 


Toiletries and Such 


Packing all your essential toiletries is a must since you don’t want to be without the basics such as toothpaste and shampoo, especially since you’re away from all your creature comforts from home as it is. That and you don’t really want to be looking for where you can purchase these at a time when you should be focusing on preparing for your newborn’s arrival.  


Comfortable Shoes 


Don’t forget to pack an extra pair or two of comfortable shoes that you can slip on and off quickly if you need to dash down the corridor to the loo. Or for when you need to take a quick shower.  


Plenty of Extra (Comfortable) Clothes 


Again, since you are away from all your creature comforts, having a few of your favorite outfits packed should be helpful in giving you some peace of mind that you’ll look and feel great before and after the baby arrives. Be sure to pack plenty of comfortable outfits and pajamas to wear, too, as you’ll most likely be spending most of your time in your hospital room. You should also have a few going-home outfits packed for your baby as well as the essentials like diapers, toiletries, wet wipes, and a pacifier.  


Having a baby can be exciting but obviously, it can also be stressful. The trick is to plan ahead, thus reducing your stress as much as possible when the time comes. Making sure you have all these essentials packed and ready to go should help to alleviate some of your nerves as you prepare to take on the best role of your life.  


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