Pregnancy Tips: 3 Body & Nutrition CHANGES IN MY FIRST

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I recently found out that my husband and I are having our first baby and I wanted to share with you new moms or moms to be some of the major changes I have been experiencing both with my body and my nutrition during this first trimester. Having a healthy pregnancy is extremely important to…

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How Nutrition Impacts a Child’s Brain Development

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How does nutrition impact a child’s brain development during their early years? About Jenn Messina Jenn Messina is a Registered Dietitian based in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Jenn is passionate about all aspects of holistic health and practices through the lens of Health at Every Size® and Intuitive Eating. She works with individuals who are ready…

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Infant Nutrition

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Learn how to introduce your baby to when to start eating solid foods, how to offer solid foods, drink from a cup, and other tips and questions. This presentation about Infant Nutrition is from the Maternal Child Health service by Knox City Council. View original video here.

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Nutrition doctor compares straw cups for babies • Munchkin vs

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Comparing two popular straw cups for babies! Do they leak? Are they dishwasher safe? And which is the best? In this video, I chat all about: • The difference between the Munchkin weighted straw cup and the Think Baby stainless steel straw cup • Which cup is my favorite • How they compare in two…

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Child Nutrition Tips For a Picky Eater

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It’s natural that your little one will be hesitant about trying new foods, especially the fresh and healthy kinds! Dr. Heather shares valuable insights for guiding your child into trying new foods, and liking them. View original video here.

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Food & Nutrition During Pregnancy

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Food & Nutrition During Pregnancy | Do’s & Don’ts | Gynac Advice Ep 6 Part 1 If your an expecting mother and have thoughts like how do i manage morning sickness, what foods should I eat during the babies specific organ development, what foods to avoid for a safe pregnancy, can I eat chinese food,…

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How to dress your baby right for summers? #summertips

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Subscribe to our Channel & have all your queries of Pregnancy, Baby Planning, Postpartum, Early Motherhood, Early Parenthood, Toddler & Infant Activities for good Brain development, Starting Solids & Baby Led weaning and toddler nutrition answered here Check out our website for further information, Our Upcoming Courses:- 1. Babies Sleep Training & Routine,…

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