24 Hours with a newborn baby

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Our baby Joshua is 2 weeks old and this video shows what a typical day is like with him. Watch more adventures with Josh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBFPrvMuJSM&list=PLdRAxBLylASvzYYteRWX0p64FJbfBOG-h&index=3 The sort of things that you have to do – take care of baby crying, feed baby, change nappy, and let baby sleep, as well as trying to get some…

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4 Tips to Remove hair on New Born Baby Body

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Hi Everyone, If you like my channel please subscribe and click bell icon for future uploads. Month 1 Baby Growth in Tamil || Month 1 New Born Development in Tamil || Baby Growth Month by Month பிறந்த குழந்தை வளர்ச்சி- மாதம்-2|| Month 2 New Born Development in Tamil |Baby Growth Month by Month பவுடர் போடலாமா?? ||…

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Parents of Children with Special Needs Have Needs, Too |

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When Debra’s son was born, little was known about what we now refer to as “the spectrum.” She began searching for answers in her under-resourced community but found none. Instead, she found a coping mechanism that changed her life forever. Debra’s TEDx Talk takes us through her quest for answers and how her love for…

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Tips & Tricks: How to change baby’s diaper| शिशु को

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Changing baby’s diaper is not an easy task especially for new parents. So here are few tips and tricks on how to change a baby’s diaper. Some parents find the problem of diaper leakage and some parents complaint about baby’s diaper rashes. So these Step-by-step tips & tricks will also help you in solving hese…

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Newborn Baby Oil Massage Tips in Bengali || sodyo jato

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Newborn Baby Oil Massage Tips in Bengali || sodyo jato sisur tel malis —————————————————————————- Hi Welcome to our YouTube channel Let’s talk about Today’s topic: Newborn Baby Oil Massage Tips in Bengali || sodyo jato sisur tel malis About this video – Many parents want to know about Newborn Baby Care related many information like…

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