Tips for Pregnant Working Women

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By Dr. Anita Jain For more informative video’s download Saheli App: The only Video App dedicated to Pregnant Women. View original video here.

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21 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development

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When you are 21 weeks pregnant, Your baby-to-be continues to get the vast majority of his or her nutrients from the placenta. But this week, baby’s intestines are now developed enough to begin absorbing nutrients from the amniotic fluid he or she now regularly swallows. Pregnant women are at increased risk for urinary tract infections…

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boy baby symptoms

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Pregnancy Diet Plan For Healthy Baby

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Pregnancy Diet Plan For Healthy Baby | Fertility Tips In Telugu | Best Fertility Center | Ferty9 #fertility #fertilitytips #pregnancy #pregnancytips #pregnancydiet #shorts #ferty9 #bestfertilitycenter For appointment call us on +91 9392914286, +91 9392914289. Kindly Subscribe and Follow Our social media handles. 1) WhatsApp Group: To Ask your questions to our Expert Doctors, Join…

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Healthy Pregnancy Tips

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Healthy Pregnancy Tips | Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy | Healthy Baby Ke Liye Pregnancy Me Kya Khaye Pregnant women require more protein, iron, folic acid, and iodine. They should also consume enough calcium. Healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby can be achieved by making smart food choices. Here in this video, Ms. Moeena Baig…

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How to Increase Fetal Weight During Pregnancy

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Once you find out that you are pregnant, it is important to pay heed to your diet, exercise, and lifestyle for the optimal growth and development of your unborn baby. Every mother wishes to have a healthy baby, and one of the parameters that help you know about your baby’s well-being is the fetal weight.…

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#TipsToGetPregnantFast #Pregnancy #जल्दी-प्रेग्नेंट #NaturalWaysToBecomePregnantFast #GynaecologistDrDiptiJainAhmedabad #FertileDays #Ovulation In this video Dr Dipti Jain describes in detail about the important points that should be followed to become pregnant fast naturally. its in Hindi How to become Pregnant Fast How to become Pregnant Naturally What is Fertile Window What are Fertile Days Diet For Getting Pregnant Fast…

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