Home is here - Home is your Baby! Here at BabySetGo.com you will find all things baby.  That is what our home page is all about, the start of finding what you need for your baby. I doesn't seem like 40 years ago that we had our first child. It was scary and exciting - all at the same time. I remember pacing around so nervous when they wheeled my wife down to the delivery room, like almost - is this really happening, am I really going to be a dad? then BOOM the nurse told me to get dressed, it's time. I was excitedly paniced.  I was shaking with fear and anticipation when I gowned up.  In a moment I was at my wifes side trying to do anything to help get her through this miracle process.  Things were tough, I was afraid listening to the baby's heartbeat on the monitor with every contraction.  Then the DR needed to use forceps and then our son was here.  That first breath, that first cry.  Oh what I wouldn't give to live that over and over again today. But it's in my mind.  I was a dad, a proud parent and I was beaming with anticipation of what the future would bring.  Being a parent has never dissapointed me.  There have been challenges like with any family.  But - we repeated that process another 3 times and ended up with 3 boys (my 3 sons) and a daughter.    From that moment on life was never dull.  Fast forward decades later and our family has really flourished.  I met my wife on a blind date and who would have ever known that we would eventually grow into a gang of 15!  

Your Baby is Just The Beginning...

Fast forward many years our daughter announces she is pregnant, at first I didn't know how to react, what, how, and why were some of the thoughts racing through my mind but no matter what it was happening.  When they say a baby changes eeverything - they're RIGHT!  The moment I met my granddaughter for the first time and held her it was magic.  How could I feel so much love for this little person I just met - she was less than an hour old.  Now 10 years later I have watched her grow and learn at an amazing rate.  I hate to say ths and you may or may not agree with me but being a grandparent is WAY BETTER than being a parent ever was.  You can just enjoy then, play with them, teach them, let and watch them absorb life like a sponge, it's magical.  We have had the good fortune to be able to experience 5 new babies through our children.  All 5 so wonderful, so inspiring, so full of love and wonder.  We cherish the time we are able to spend with them and hope it never ends.

But you have a journey in front of you. Your baby is here to teach you what love and compassion, patience and kindness can purely feel like. The innocence of babyhood. You are their protector and they are the center of your universe, as you are theirs. Cherish every secong, every moment.  And use the information that you find here and may it help guide you along the path to happy parenting. You will never get it all right.  Who does?  And that is okay.  Be kind to yourself and your baby  and know that you are doing just great!

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